Accounting services

In order to provide the highest level of accounting and business support services, we have created a team of professionals with the adequate and deep experience. Each team member is well trained, skilled and dedicated to efficiently work on solving your accounting and business challenges.

We specialize in providing financial accounting and consulting to small and medium businesses and especially those who have foreign founders or are organized as subsidiaries or representative offices of foreign companies.

We design, implement and introduce the financial and accounting processes which help our clients to sharpen their strategic focus and improve performance.

We approach each client with the special individual attention and we are trying to arrange a service program that is optimal for them. We do not offer "ready-made" approach, but an individual one that suits the individual needs of each client in a particular phase of operations and development.

Independently or together with you, we can reorganize your financial and accounting processes. Experience gained by working with numerous clients is eventual asset to utilize and find the best solutions for you.

Accounting services include the following:

Bookkeeping services
  • Booking all transactions and calculations
  • Collecting all documents for monthly closing
  • Collecting and processing all financial documentation necessary for the reporting package
  • Controlling the accuracy of documentation
  • Accounting for day-to-day transactions and posting in accordance with accounting principles and IAS/IFRS
  • Reconciling month end/quarter end/year end trial balances with supporting documentation, including bank statements, intercompany statements, supplier statements and any other relevant reports
  • Updating and maintenance of the fixed asset register ensuring the general ledger reconciles with the register at each month end
  • Ensuring that all documentation and entries are held in line with local GAAP and regulations

Reporting/controlling services
  • Submission of a general ledger , trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, intra-group transaction and reconciliation on a monthly/quarterly/annually basis in line with the Client’s reporting package and timetable
  • Providing all necessary assistance to the Client in audit or other control of presenting data in the reporting package

Treasury services
  • Administration of local bank accounts
  • Making paper or electronic payments and transfers as advised by the Client
  • Receiving bank statements
  • Communicating with the bank regarding bank reconciliation issues
  • Other related cash management service

Statutory compliance services
  • Ensuring all statutory accounts are prepared and filed by the local statutory deadline and comply with local GAAP
  • Liaising with the local authorities as relevant and provide advice to the Client accordingly
  • Ensuring that the audit is performed as per Client’s requirements and deadlines as well as that it adheres to local statutory requirements
  • Providing all necessary assistance to auditors
  • Providing advice on all financial, foreign-exchange and accounting issues

Tax compliance services
  • Preparation and submission of all statutory tax calculations and reports in accordance with Corporate Income Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law, Personal Income Tax Law, Property Tax Law and other relevant taxes
    For detailed information regarding tax regulations in the Republic of Macedonia, visit Tax regulations on the Public Revenue Office web-site.