BDO International History

BDO is a worldwide network of public accounting firms, called BDO Member Firms, serving international clients. Each BDO Member Firm is an independent legal entity in its own country.

The BDO story begins in 1963. Accounting firms from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, US and Canada saw the opportunity to combine and thus expand their knowledge base and relative strength. The resulting Binder Seidman International Group worked together as a network of firms until 1973, when the common name of Binder Dijker Otte & Co was adopted.

In 1988, a worldwide structure was formed, and, to ensure that the local strength retained its prevalence as one of the network’s underlying goals, the acronym of BDO was agreed upon and placed before each local Member Firm’s name. At the same time, a logo and corporate identity was created that promoted consistency throughout the network.

Since then, the BDO network has undergone a transformation that now sees it as the world’s fifth largest accounting network, with more than 1,204 offices in 138 countries. A combined workforce of over 54,933 people continues to promote and extend the values and objectives foreseen from the outset. BDO is known for client rapport and partner accessibility, for extensive local knowledge combined with a global outlook, and for partners and staff who are ethical and practical in their approach and advice to clients. All BDO members adhere to internationally agreed working procedures and quality control which results in unique approach and worldwide focus.

BDO provides all kinds of services to clients from conglomerates to small companies, large multinational companies or family companies, and is the leading organization in the market that helps the spread of a growing business. BDO is an organization specializing in services to companies of international and local dimensions that want to grow, and found a way to attract growing companies as its clients.

BDO Annual Statements for the last 5 years