Consulting services

You want to be better!
BDO Macedonia with his professional knowledge, knowledge of local conditions and experience of international company, will provide you the most competent advice for achieving top goals.

You need advice!
Our advisors can help you in planning, structuring and development of your business, to identify key issues such as strategy, technology and change management. We work in close cooperation with you to improve your business performance, increase value for owners and creating a competitive, sustainable advantage of your company. With our individual approach based on co-operation we offer not only advice on business success from the aspect of the industry, areas in which you operate, but a broader insight. Quality of service comes in the first place for us and is the key to success in building strong and long-term relationship with the client.

Business Planning
You have an idea? You have means that you want to invest well? BDO assists its clients in developing business plans that will convert an idea into a realized job in a best possible way.

Investment projects, investment feasibility studies
Business plans implemented in order to help the realization of investment projects are investment feasibility studies. They include everything that business plans include, and in addition analyze investments themselves. BDO Macedonia helps your idea to become investment project worked out in accordance with the highest business standards and requirements of financial institutions, and set to a stable economic - financial foundation.

Assessment of company value
Management based on value is becoming increasingly important and increasingly used concept. To be able to manage the value, it is necessary to measure the value and understand what influences the value. BDO Macedonia provides services to evaluate the value of companies, assets and capital, securities, or various investments.

Due Diligence
Due Diligence is one of the key steps in the acquisition of a company. In this area BDO Macedonia offers contracting assessment from commercial, financial and legal point of view.

Business consulting
Within the field of business consulting we specialize in a wide range of services, arising primarily from the demands and needs of our users, and from a wider whole considerably stand out projects related to:
  • Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Organization and business processes
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Bankruptcy and corporate recovery
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Tax Consulting
Our authorized tax advisors offer answers to all questions related to all types of taxes.

BDO Macedonia covers the following industries:
Financial services, Manufacturing and heavy industry, Energy and natural resources, Tourism and catering industry, Public sector entities, Municipalities and nonprofit organizations, Health services, Services and distribution, Construction and building materials industry, Area related with real estate, Technology, media and telecommunications, Transport and logistics, Games of chance and sports.